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ADF is a professional military magazine published quarterly by U.S. Africa Command to provide an international forum for African security professionals. ADF covers topics such as counter terrorism strategies, security and defense operations, transnational crime, and all other issues affecting peace, stability, and good governance on the African continent.
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Gulf of Guinea

Gulf of Guinea Piracy Surges in 2023

ADF STAFF Officials recorded three pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea over four days in late June and early July. Crew members of a cargo ship reported that three pirates boarded their vessel in late June as it was anchored in…

A Decade of Maritime Security

CAPT. TAHIR NGADA, NIGERIAN NAVY The importance of the Gulf of Guinea to Africa and the wider world can hardly be overstated. With 6,000 kilometers of coastline touching 19 littoral states from Senegal to Angola, the gulf is rich in…

Arms Spilling Across Ghana-Burkina Faso Border

ADF STAFF People walk freely between Ghana and Burkina Faso where the towns of Paga and Dakola are joined. Aside from the rickety metal barriers and gate that cut across the main road, there is little indication of where one country ends…