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ADF is a professional military magazine published quarterly by U.S. Africa Command to provide an international forum for African security professionals. ADF covers topics such as counter terrorism strategies, security and defense operations, transnational crime, and all other issues affecting peace, stability, and good governance on the African continent.
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Global Piracy Drops to 18-Year Low

DEFENCEWEB Piracy and armed robbery at sea dropped to their lowest levels in 18 years in 2021. The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) is crediting “vigorous action” by authorities in protecting seafarers. In 2021, the IMB Piracy…

New Payment System Helps Intra-African Trade

ADF STAFF A new system is helping retailers make sales across borders. The Pan-African Payments and Settlement System (PAPSS) launched in Accra, Ghana, in January 2022. It lets a buyer make a payment in one national currency so a seller…

Kenyan Mathematician Forecasts COVID-19 Waves

ADF STAFF Kenyan mathematician Dr. Shem Otoi Sam has become his country’s oracle of COVID-19. Using a predictive model he developed, Sam found a way to forecast the rise and fall of infection waves, making him a kind of weatherman for…