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ADF is a professional military magazine published quarterly by U.S. Africa Command to provide an international forum for African security professionals. ADF covers topics such as counter terrorism strategies, security and defense operations, transnational crime, and all other issues affecting peace, stability, and good governance on the African continent.
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COVID-19 Sparks Year of Innovations

ADF STAFF For entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors and artists, COVID-19 was again a call to action in 2021. From canines to drones and robots, here are ten ways African innovators responded to the pandemic during the year: 1.…

Pandemic Offers Lessons for Economic Recovery

ADF STAFF As African governments continue to wrestle with the economic shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic and chart a course to recovery, experts say opportunities abound for new directions, partnerships and policy reforms. If used…

Pandemic Pushing Agritech Innovations

ADF STAFF Wilson Lang’at owns a 2.5-hectare farm in the village of Koiyet, which lies in Kenya’s verdant southern Rift Valley. For years, his primary source of income was trading cows while he grew maize as a smaller side business.…