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AMISOM Praises Progress by Somali Security Forces


After a three-day meeting between African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) commanders and Somali National Army leaders, the two sides believe they are on track to transfer security responsibilities to local control. 

Under the transition plan, the AU mission will transfer security duties to Somali security forces ahead of AMISOM’s anticipated exit in 2021, the Somali news site Goobjoog News reported.

Francisco Madeira, the civilian head of AMISOM, said local security forces had shown their ability while carrying out offensive operations to liberate areas in the Lower Shabelle region.

“This commitment shows that Somalia wants to move forward despite existing challenges,” Madeira said in a statement. “The work of their national forces deserves increased support.” 

The commanders, along with their Somali counterparts, met in Mogadishu to evaluate the progress made in implementing the mission’s concept of operations. This provides a framework for AMISOM’s gradual transfer of security responsibilities to the Somali security forces and its exit from Somalia.

During the meeting, the commanders also discussed the operational readiness of the Somali security forces. Madeira said the Somali government and international partners are helping AMISOM fulfill its mandate, Goobjoog News reported.

In an opinion piece published in Kenya’s Daily Nation, Madeira said the Army is stepping up to the challenge. “We have seen the forces attack, win and hold ground,” he wrote. “This is a strong signal to the terrorist groups that their days of terror are numbered. A professionally trained and well-equipped Somali security force is indeed a game-changer in the fight against terrorism in Somalia.”

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