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ADF is a professional military magazine published quarterly by U.S. Africa Command to provide an international forum for African security professionals. ADF covers topics such as counter terrorism strategies, security and defense operations, transnational crime, and all other issues affecting peace, stability, and good governance on the African continent.
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M23 Rebels Return to DRC Areas They Once Held

ADF STAFF After a six-month lull, a new swell of violence has washed over the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where the Congolese army has accused M23 rebels of violating another cease-fire. “M23 terrorists have just fired…

U.N. Withdrawal in DRC Fraught With Risk

ADF STAFF At the request of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the withdrawal of the United Nations peacekeeping mission has begun. But experts say the U.N.’s exit is likely to create an opening for armed groups in the east,…

Rethinking Peacekeeping

ADF Staff Peacekeeping missions remain the answer to many of the world’s toughest security challenges. But there is a growing consensus that to remain relevant, peacekeeping needs to adapt.  In places such as the Democratic Republic…