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Mozambique Acquires Transport Aircraft


Mozambique’s armed forces have taken delivery of two refurbished transport aircraft acquired from Paramount Group of South Africa.

The company handed over a Let-410 Turbolet and a CN-235M transport plane to the Mozambican military. Air Force officials said the planes will be used for cargo and troop transport and special forces and paratrooper deployment, Notícias reported.

Mozambican officials said that Paramount, a defense industry company, supplied the aircraft along with training and maintenance.

The Botswana Defence Force operated the CN-235M-10, made in 1987, until 2011. The CN-235 is a medium-range twin-engine transport aircraft that was jointly developed by CASA of Spain and Indonesian manufacturer IPTN. Its primary military roles consist of transport and aerial surveillance.

The Let-410 is a twin-engine short-range transport plane manufactured by Czech aircraft manufacturer Let Kunovice. In addition to its military use, it also has been used as a small airliner, with a seating capacity of about 18. 

Paramount has supplied a variety of equipment to Mozambique’s military, including Marauder armored personnel carriers and Mi-8/17, Mi-24 and Gazelle helicopters.

Marauders first were seen in Mozambique in late 2020. The helicopters appear to have been delivered in 2021.

Journalist Nuno Rogeiro in 2021 reported that Mozambique would be getting several upgraded Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters from Paramount fitted with weapons, sensors and other equipment.

Paramount delivered at least two ex-United Kingdom Army Gazelles to Mozambique, with additional deliveries possible.

Fifteen Mozambican pilots are believed to have trained at the Paramount Technical Training Academy. Burnham Global has provided training in the operation of the armored vehicles in Mozambique.

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