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ADF is a professional military magazine published quarterly by U.S. Africa Command to provide an international forum for African security professionals. ADF covers topics such as counter terrorism strategies, security and defense operations, transnational crime, and all other issues affecting peace, stability, and good governance on the African continent.
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COVID-19 Remains a Threat to Africa

ADF STAFF Months of declining cases of COVID-19 throughout Africa have given rise to a burgeoning sense of optimism among health experts and officials. But it is a cautious optimism, tempered by nearly two years of hard-won progress. Dr.…

Doctors Warn of Omicron Symptoms

ADF STAFF When Dr. Angelique Coetzee first noticed what turned out to be a new variant of COVID-19 in South Africa last year, it was a set of unfamiliar symptoms that piqued her curiosity. Coetzee, a private practitioner and former chair…

WHO Director: Pandemic’s End ‘In Sight’

ADF STAFF Weekly COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations have decreased globally, prompting the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare that the pandemic’s end is “in sight.” Although deaths from COVID-19 during a one-week period…